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The True Story

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Here are a few links for the folks who would like to know more about the real protagonists.

Faye and Ray Copeland


The Review and the Podcast

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“This extract has everything that a novel opening should have; a great beginning location (the swamp), two characters with opposing traits and moods, some wonderful dialogue and it has ‘pace’. The dialogue is superb. There is a sense of dialect without an overdose of dialogue and Lae has, on several occasions, picked unusual alternatives to words where a bland one would have done. I’m especially intrigued by Itchy and it’ll be interesting to see how he fits into the scheme of the novel.Although I’d normally go for more contemporary stories, if this ever becomes an audiobook, and from the synopsis, I sincerely hope it does, then it may well end up in my ‘to be listened to’ pile.” Morgen Bailey

Link to Podcast:

The Story

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Sweet and caring, the Schnörrers help out their neighbors and live by the Good Book, but when the going gets tough and the bank threatens their farm with repossession, they turn against the very people they help shocking the world into discovering the darkest side of the most unlikely serial killers in US history.

“I really like the idea. It’s a very believable scenario and a great dilemma; the underhand being underhanded!”
Morgen Bailey