About Me

I have been a writer for … well, it feels like forever and I can’t think of anything else I would like to do. I write crime from the criminal’s point of view not to justify or mitigate the criminal’s actions, but to simply show where the criminal is coming from. I have always been fascinated and angered by the far too simplistic view of many middle and upper class people perpetuated, fostered and amplified in the media that criminals are ”monsters”, embodying everything that is ”evil”. I don’t believe in evil and if there was any evidence of it I am one hundred percent sure it could be seen and found in every single human being. Nature, nurture, circumstances, situations, desperation, upbringing, societey’s expectations, pressure, education and that sense that nothing else matters anymore are all catalysts to crime. My stories reflect just that. The terse, lurid, violent tales about crime and desperation from the point of view of the criminal. They seek to discover the heart of criminality to create compelling reading for those who enjoy crime and are interested in the humanity of even the most unlikable characters.


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